Thursday, September 27, 2007

Official Holla at Ya Boy Music Video-17 Hertz

Yo a personal friend of mine just dropped his video. Trust me even when he goes big, he'll still be around my studio when he's in the Bay and I don't even have to holla at my boy. He'll make sure he holla's at me. Produced by Cool and Dre

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

NEW Girl got Girlfriend tpain Ray Lavender fabolous

Check out this song by Ray Lavender. This song was written by T-pain.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Can Goods Party

Crooks, Huf, and 17 Hertz

New Crooks n Castle Hoodie

Party Like A Rockstar

Don't fall in
Sept 16th, 2007
Yo Mega was the man for pulling this on off. It was real good seeing everyone there. I was just so tried from my New York and Atlanta trip. Then the 17 Hertz 2 year anniversary BBQ, then Can Goods on Sunday. Wow my week was stupid pack, so sorry if I wasn't all there when you seen me at Can Goods. But it was fun. Much love to all of the streetwear brands reppin'

Saturday, September 15, 2007

17 Hertz 2 Year Anniversary BBQ

Crooks, BMB, Diamond and 17 HertzRae, Rob, D, And Digga

Our Chef working hard

Good Music and Good Food
Sept 15th 2007
Ok so it's been 2 years since I started 17 Hertz. Everyone knows the story, 3 years I had nothing and now I can't be any happier. The studio I always wanted to build since I was 14 years old, is no longer a dream. Not only is it not a dream, but it helps other get closer to their dreams. In 2 years we worked with
Black Eyed Peas
Chad Hugo (Neptunes)
Sha Money/G-Unit
Bobby Valentino
Dem Hoodstarz
Clyde Carson
San Quinn
Big Rich
Devin The Dude
Ya Boy
Go Dav
Jimmie Reign

Roscoe Umali and many more.

To be real I would like to thank everyone who help me get to this point and to all the people who wanted to see me fail, I guess you still got to wait a little longer. Don't think I don't remember when you didn't believe in my dream. Oh yeah thank you to all those people who bought me food when the boy was hunger, I'll never forget that, it was only 3 years ago. As long as the boy is doing ok, you guys will never pay for lunch when I'm around. Thank you to all my clients, 17 Hertz was built for you guys. To all the other studios who copied my style, $25 an hour, flossy studio, all that is me. Where did you learn that from huh? We're here to stay, you here today, gone tommorow. Sad. When it all starts to fall down, start to look around, the ones you call your friends won't be anywhere to be found. 17 Hertz only 2 years old and running shit, ask your favorite artist about us. lol

Friday, September 14, 2007

Devin The Dude at 17 Hertz Recording Studios

Devin the Dude at 17 Hertz StudiosSept 14, 2007
Yo right when my plane touched down from Atlanta I turn on my phone and there's a bunch of text messages saying Devin the Dude is at the studio. Yo I'm a big fan, and he's at my studio working, I couldn't go see him that night but Sam and Jose worked with him and said he was real cool. Yo if you don't know him you might know that song by Dr Dre "Fuck You" Devin sings that part "I just want to Fuck You, no kissing or hugging girl you got a husband who loves you. Don't need you all up in mine." Yo check out his new CD (Waiting to inhale) my favorite song is on it (What a Job) the soundtrack to my job.

Will.i.Am article (I tried to tell you)

Yo go check out the new Vibe with Chris Brown on the cover. Remember in my earlier blog when I was talking about the time I was in the studio with Will.I.AM and Chad Hugo. Well Will.I.AM has a article in there talking about what I said he said in the studio that one night. Yo this guy is on another level. If you want to survive and make money in the music business you better read that article.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

N-G-O in the A-T-L Bobby V, Young Jeezy, DJ Green Lantern and many more

Bobby Valentino and Nick Ngo workingMetro, DJ Green Lantern, Bobby V, and Nick Ngo

Firstborn, Nick Ngo, and KaneBeatz

Eighty-Eight Fingerz, Nick Ngo, and Marcus

L4L P-version and Alf

Sept 13th, 2007 Atlanta

Now where do I start with this? Ok so I went to the ATL to do a session with Bobby Valentino and to buy tracks from producers. So we get there and the first night I was sick, so no going anywhere for me. I got sick because in the morning I was in the back of a cab in NY going to the airport and this cab driver loves to break hard. If you really know me, I hate sitting in the back of the car when the driver can’t drive. So I got sick. Next day I was in the studio with Bobby V. and hella producers came by to hit me off with tracks. KanyeBeatz, First Born, Fiend, 88 fingers, DJ Green Lantern, L4L, and many others. Well it was time to start the track with Bobby V and let me tell you the boy is a professional. Everything was real good except, the lawyers were fucking around. They were fighting over points and publishing and a bunch of bullshit. So something that should have took an hour took over 8 hrs to resolve. You know why they did that right? To get paid, they get paid by the hour, so when the deal was close to being done, they fuck it all up to extend the time so they can make more dough. Yup I was stressed out the whole time, but we got it done. But while that was going on we sent a intern to go get pizza and it took 3 and half hours to get my food. When he came back everyone was dying of hunger and I gave that intern the business. So just to let you guys know this music business is not for everyone, you got to be tough to be in this business. But when it was all said and done the track with Bobby V came out real good. Now we went from Doppler studios to Dallas Austin’s Studio to meet with the producers. We also meet Chris who is an A&R for Capitol , real nice dude. Then we went to Royal a little Bar in the ATL, and when I went outside when we were leaving, a Ferrari and a Bentley roll up, and it’s Young Jeezy, we exchange info and that concludes my trip to the ATL. Yo they making moves out there, much respect. One more thing my boy Alf from L4L music is doing it in the A, I'm very proud to have motivated friends I can reach out to in the business. Like I've always been saying, "I'm real blessed, kid."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Everyone needs to watch this movie

This will give you another outlook on things. The whole movie is online, so no excuses

Nick Ngo In New York Working

Power players check our resume.Sha Money and Nick Ngo
Ill mind and Nick Ngo

Jake One and Nick Ngo
Nick Ngo with a BMB Shirt on reppin'

Sunday Sept 9th

Early in the morning while it was still dark out I had to get to the Oakland airport and head out to the Big Apple. We had to work with Sha Money on this new project I been A&Ring for. So we touch down and I swear this city dosen’t sleep, it’s busy everywhere. It’s been a while since I was out there but nothing’s changed. So we get to Legacy Studios on September 11th (look at the date sept 11th in NY) and hooked up with Sha Money XL and D Prosper. They brought me a bunch of producers to listen to tracks for my new project. Producers, Jake One who has the new single on 50 Cents album “Follow My Lead” ft Robin Thicke, ill Mind, Vitamin D, the Bizness, and many others. Oh yeah Legacy Studios is where Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, 50 cent, Jay-Z and many more record at in NY. Thanks to all the peeps we were with in NY for showing us love.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Friday, September 7, 2007


Thanks to my fellow Vietnamese dudes doing it. You I met these guys because of the video game I did called “Traxxpad” and when they found out I was Vietnamese they bugged out. Much love to Allen and Wally they just sent me a box of stuff. Check out the boys new line.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Benzino and Dave Mays at 17 Hertz

Benzino and Dave Mays Ex-Ceo and President of the Source Magazine came by with their huge tour bus and 30 people to record at the famous Bay Area’s recording studio, 17 Hertz. I know I got to big up my company. But it was real dope to see people outside the Bay coming to our studio and working. They have a new magazine called Hip-Hop Weekly, look for the next issue you might see some faces you recognize.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

17 Hertz new myspace page

Hey go check out our new myspace page designed by Miss E.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Another Nick Ngo Must See Movie
This is a must see movie. This movie makes Scarface look like a Disney movie. Yup that's right, if you think your big time, then watch this movie and then tell me you still think your big time. Also watch the bonus features, the Town is in it. Yup Oakland is in the bonus features. I heard they working on pt.2 and the Bay Area is all over it. Yay Area!!!!! Hit me after you watch it and let me know what you think