Thursday, July 26, 2007

RCO grand opening

yo so right after Dem Hoodstarz video shoot I went to go pick up the Crooks n Castles from the airport. Then we all headed out to Santa Cruz for the RCO grand opening party. We went there and checked out the spot it's real nice. So if your in the area of Santa Cruz stop by there son and get geared up. Yo so on our way to the Bar we got pulled over by 1 time because it was 5 asian dudes in a Jaguar. You know how that goes...then we hit the spot then everyone from that spot walked two blocks up to another bar and got more drunk. Good times. I think BJ and G from crooks had a good time. Yo you don't ever need to trip when your with Dee, "he's got a cannibus card!" lol...But tell me why G set it off in Denny's when he said "Rae Area" everyone started to holla and yell "yeee-yee" in the denny's. That guy is a foe. Everyone thought he said Bay Area. lol. "French Toast Westcoast" was what G was saying when he was drunk and heading to Denny's. Yo I had a good time out there in Santa Cruz, we all met new peeps like the RCO kats and their fokes anytime ya up this way holla at me. I stole these pics from Mega's blog cuz I didn't bring my camera. Sorry Meg.

Hoodstarz video shoot "Ughh Remix"

Yes sir, Dem Hoodstarz had a video shoot this weekend and it was off the chain. Everyone was out there. It was great to see the Bay together like that. So we didn't get to record this song because it was done at various studios. But one part was done at 17 Hertz, it was E-40 verse. Yeah I'm proud we got to be apart of the song. Well I was out there with my camera and took some pics. You all know bout my new hobby right? Click Click. Big ups to Rush Films, and my boy Ratha from Stablish.

-nick ngo


Yo check out the game I helped on. I was the A&R on this video game. It's a beat making video game on the PSP. Yo this thing is the real deal son. The game is in stores now. Look at the back cover of XXL. You thought we were playing huh? Everything we do we push it to the limit kid. Much love to Troy San Jose who made this shit happen.

On the game:
17 Hertz
Clyde Carson
Crooks n Castle
Finger Bangerz
Common Wealth
Roscoe Umali
Conn 533
and many more....

Nick in Phoenix with Sha Money XL (G-Unit,Money Management)

This past weekend I went out to Phoenix and got in the studio with Sha Money (G-unit, Money Managemnet). As you all know by now we just recently worked on a video game together (Traxxpad-In Stores Now). Yeah check the credits, your boy was the A&R and yes I got Sha on the game. Well you're probably wondering what the hell I was doing in Phoenix in the 108 degree weather. Working!!! I keep it moving and right now I can't talk about this project I'm working on but let me tell you, when you find out you will be shocked. 17 Hertz is making serious moves, we playing for keeps now kid.
-Nick Ngo

ps. it was Friday the 13th when I got on the plane

In the Studio with Chad Hugo Neptunes!

Sat. June 16th 2007
Yo I'm not going to front, I was real excited to meet Chad. He's a real down to earth dude. Very talented. Yo so Rae and I got to got to LA and hit the Record Plant. We were there with Apl de Aps (Black Eyed Peas, Jeepney) and got to see these two talented dudes work together. Man let me tell you, it was an experience. I got some good stories from this trip. On the drive to LA Rae knocks out another hit called "Casting Call" produced by M-Dubb. As soon as we get to LA we hit Apl's Studio and record the track. We left the studio at 5am after I mixed the track. Then the next morning we go to the Record Plant to work on Chad and Apl's session. First we get there and we are setting up and getting the vibe going, and this girl walks in and starts talking to Chad and Apl like she knows them. They were try be as polite as possible but no one recognized her. She had huge sunglasses on and her hat real low. She was talking to them and they were like who is this? Then Chad asks her "where do we know you from?" She like "it's me", takes off her glasses and hat and says "Nicole" Me and Rae almost fell out our seats. It was Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls. You should of seen the smile on our faces. LOL. She even waved bye to us. Yeah we were a little starstruck. It's Nicole Foe! Don't front. If you were there you would've been too. Second story, Chad played us some stuff he was working on and damn, he did a track for Alicia Keys and the track was so off the hook. When you hear that track when it comes out, remember that I told you about it and then you will know what I mean. Don't believe me, ask Rae or DJ Replay, or better yet call Chad yourself here's his number 1-800-neptunes. Call him. He's waiting for your call right now. Third story, we walk outside to go home the first night and Nelly was sitting in the back of his Phantom with his new track blazin' out of his car. Damn that track was also bangin. Ok last story, so the last night I come back to the studio after handling all my meetings and there was Will.I.AM (Black Eyed Peas) chillin, playing beats and his album. Let me tell u, it's dope and catchy. But the best part was when he went on for about an hour about the music business and the future of technology/marketing and music. Boy, can he tell stories. I thought I was a good bullshitter, yo he was taking it to a whole new level. But half the people (about 15 people) in the room weren't really listening to what he was saying after 30 mins. I stayed real in tune and weeded out all the nonsense and got some real knowledge. If you really were listening to the underlying statement you might of caught something. See it pays off being the only sober guy in the studio. I stay sharp bruh-bruh. No i'm not going to give you any tips or talk about what he talked about, I'm just going to keep that to myself and see if I can get as rich as he is some day. I can only dream of being such a great story teller one day. Oh yeah when he walked out he looked at us and started to sing Rae's song "Switch Positions" and he told Rae that was their song when they were out on tour. See we got international superstars singing my artist song. Nick Ngo Mutherfu*king Management. "17 Hertz. Get money with us or die losing,"

-Nick Ngo p.s. thank you nina, replay and the whole jeepney staff. Oh yeah look at our shirts, reppin' our LA Family Crooks! Real recognize Real.

LA Trip (Rae's performance at MYX)

April 27, 2007

Yo we went out to LA again...Yup Rae had a performance at MYX with Apl de Aps, Bobby Valentino, Nump, Roscoe Umali and many more. We did it a bit "bouje" and the staff got to bond a bit. As you know we had my new artists Dela*Nique sing backgrounds for Rae and we had Star in there too. The Brickhouse ladies came out and hung with us too. The performance was great. Even though me and Ro had to do live sound for everyone even though it wasn't our job, I had a good time. After we all stayed at the Roosevelt hotel and there was a party in everyone's room. Party like some rock stars. We also had a little pool party at Replay's spot the next day. That's where Nump was talking about moons and stars and living there. Yo that guy is funny. We all then went to Melrose to check out the gear (ran into Crooks, Luda and Jet) and sorry guys I had to ditch everyone because everyone was giving me a headache. So that was our lil weekend in LA. We got to bond as a company and that was good.


Look at my artist Rae and Dela*nique on stage with Apl from the Black eyed peas

In Miami with Crooks and Diamonds

Yo, look, people don't really look at my trips as hard work and that pisses me off. I work way harder then any of these squares working their 9-5. I hop on a plane in the middle of the night get to Miami, have a lunch meeting with my artist on the beach, then go promoting all day on south beach and then have a business meeting on the beach with Crooks n Castle. Ok we took a 30 min break and jumped in the water, but that was it. Then we had to meet more fokes at the two different clubs that night. Do you know how hard that is? After we had a late night business dinner and then had to do it all over again. Oh yeah. Not to mention we had a fashion show to go to, research and development work with Crooks at Bal Harbor. That's where I bought my son a Gucci Baby Carrier. Sometime I'm to Booshie (i know i spelled it wrong, fuc*ing New Money) for my own good. Yeah I like the finer things in life know, so! If Gwen Stefani's kid has one, my son's got to have one. So you see it's not all fun and games. It's business, who works harder then me huh?

-Nick Ngo

p.s. Thanks to Crook and Diamond and all the fokes we met in Miami. "What happens in Miami stays in Miami" lol...Yo Diamond pick a number from 1-10.haha. Easy there Miami Danny Tanner. Oh yeah congrats to Mayweather (G-G-G-G-G-unit) Did someone say Miami....?. You copy cats can't keep up with me, now you know who I'm talking about. Go play in the back, this is grown fokes business. Your recording studio is cute, where did you get your idea huh? I got businesses for days, you? You just wait and follow the leader. I lead, I never follow. 17 Hertz the Empire!