Friday, September 19, 2008

Nick Ngo and Johnny Dang

Last month I went out to Houston for the Ozone Awards and I stopped by to check out Johnny Dang. All my Vietnamese people stand up. Thank you to Dray from Ozone for getting this picture, much love to her and the whole Ozone staff for making that weekend happen.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Money Makes Me Handsome Teaser

Ok first look at some of our new T's. Don't get too excited, it probably won't be available to the public for another month. Keep checking our website

New clothes

Hey I'm a big fan of Twelve Bar and I got a chance to meet them at the Magic Convention. Yo Nick and Megan are mad koo, and they even sent me a few T's. You already know I'm rocking it this weekend boy. Yo go check out their site

thank you to my boys over there at Gold Coin also for hooking me up with this T when I went to their office with GoldenChyld. They also got an industry party going on tonight in SF, I'll let you know how that goes. I heard them boys got their own drink, they call it "Liquid Gold"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Las Vegas Magic Convention

Lamar Odom

Crooks, Money Makes Me Handsome, Diamond, BMB, & the Jabbawockeez


So this past week your boy went out to the Magic Convention and got things handled for the new clothing line "Money Makes Me Handsome" We hooked up with our boys Crooks n Castles and went to there party at the Playboy suite at the Palms. Them boys know how to do it big. In the house we had Lamar Odom, Franzen from the Bay, The Clipse, Alchemist, the Jabbawockeez, and all the big cats from the street wear world. Check out the pics