Thursday, October 25, 2007

Neyo and DJ Green Lantern

Yo so my morning started with plans only to work from home, when I got a call from DJ Green Lantern (Jay-Z's DJ for the uninformed). He told me to come out cause they had a show at Ruby Skye for some Nokia party. So I go out there they take care of 17 Hertz. After we hook up with Neyo and he's a real down to earth dude, we get with his manger and exchange info, so if anyone wants to work with Neyo give me a call and we can make it happen. Please have your money right before you call me. lol. We also listen to some new DJ Green Lantern Beats and let me tell you there hot. If you need that or for him to host your mixtape contact us. 17 Hertz the studio for the people. Who else is going to go out and get the connect and hand them over to you. What other studio is going to do that for you? Well now that they know that might start biting my styles again, it's nothing new. Oh yeah what was dope was the had a exclusive area downstairs at the ruby skye just for the artist and vip. That's where I got my business done at. Shouts out to Bedrock, Dj Juice, Alex Aquino, and Davey D. The only other people besides my camp that was in there making moves. Oh yeah the picture is not mine, i didn't bring a camera, no groupie shit, all business.

Mr Fab doing MYX interview at 17 Hertz

Mr fab came in to do an interview with my fokes over there at MYX. I wasn't able to make it, because I was with DJ Green Lantern getting ready for the Neyo show. But what I heard the interview was good, my dude DJ Romeo was the host. Many of my friends work over there at MYX (a cable show), shouts out to John Santos who called me earlier that day to let me know what was up.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Jose works with Gucci Mane

This past week Jose (17 Hertz Chief Engineer) went to Atlanta to work on a track with Gucci Mane. He told me the session went well and that Gucci is a real professional.