Saturday, October 4, 2008


I would never talk bad about a fighter because I know it only take one punch sometimes. But according to yahoo news Frank Shamrock (I use to train at his spot) a middleweight wanted to take the fight on no time notice. After his step brother Ken Shamrock cut his head open during practice that morning. Frank is gangsta for that one. But EliteXC didn't let that happen. I think Frank would have done that same. Kimbo must take this lost as a lesson and bounce back and train harder. Take it from me Kimbo all the props you got on youtube will never cash in because there is no "Prop Bank" and I know you can't deposit props at Wells Fargo. So learn the art and knock the next guy out and the big money fights will be there. Unless your koo with the dough you got tonight for getting knocked out. Is that how you want to be remembered? You're remembered by how you bring things to an end. Don't let this fight be your legacy. Come back harder.

-Nick Ngo
17 Hertz

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